outbreak in louisville u.s.a.

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by all accounts this year’s Louisville Zombie Attack was a bloody hell of a success! with over 400 hundred undead corpses roaming the streets and mingling with cocktails, this outbreak won’t soon be forgot, until next year’s. (click pic for more photos on flickr).  

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zombie attack 4

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zombie attack 2008 poster hot august nights can only mean one thing: the deadest party in louisville is just around the corner. for the fourth year in a row, we are throwing LOUISVILLE ZOMBIE ATTACK on fri. aug. 29th there will be a full scale attack on the city starting at dusk, at the corner of bardstown rd. & eastern parkway and ending at Bearno’s on bardstown. with music by National Hotel and crooked old world,  zombie flicks by last call  and awards for hotest, grossest, and best zombies. all ages and free.also for august we are also extending our free cd sale! if you order 2 cds, we’ll give you a 3rd for free! order 4, get a 5th and 6th free, and so on.  when you checkout just add a note telling us what cds you want for free and we’ll add it to your order. it’s that easy, and about the best thing since sliced bread!



free cds for you, if you want it

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we’ve spent the first part of july reworking the site, and we’ve added new pages and information including a complete discography page, an all new photos page, a links page in alphabetical order listing our favorite bands, sites, and friends, and (per viewer request) a press page. but you don’t someone else to tell you how how great our bands are, take a listen yourself: and while your there we have the entire 2008 wfpk live show avialable for download for free!

and speeking of free, for the rest of july if you order 2 cds we’ll give you a third free! get 4, and we’ll give you a 5th and 6th free! it’s easy to do, when you complete the order form just add a note listing what cd you want in the ‘add a note’ section, and we’ll send it with your order!

and while your here, please take a moment to sign our guest book, and let us know what else you’d like to hear from us!  



hot summer nights (and free music!)

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boy, it’s boiling hot in louisville right now, but we are powering through working on new compilations including ‘louisville is for lovers vol.9′ and a ziggy stardust tribute! and while you are patiently waiting, we thought we’d do a little something for you! so now untill the end of july, when you order 3CDs, we’ll give you a 4th free! it’s easy, when filling out your order just tell us which cd you want in the “add a note” section and we’ll add it to your order! order 5 CDs, and we’ll give you 2 more free! that’s our entire available catalogue for only $50! (this doesn’t apply to the louisville babylon 2 CD set, sorry). toss in a new CD, have a pink lemonade hopefully it will tide you over until cooler climates bring in new music!


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my morning jacket
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