Summer Cassingle Series

We are happy to announce the 2014 SUMMER CASSINGLE SERIES through a partnership with Guestroom Records!

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This will be our first Summer Series since the 2011 SUMMER 7″ SERIES.  In fact this will be a first in many ways! this will be our first time partnering with GUESTROOM RECORDS, our first release using the Cassingle format, and the first time we are incorporating out-of-town bands, as well as the first time we will be using download coupons.

How does it work? There will be 3 live events this summer (June 27, July 4, and July 25) all at New Vintage (2126 S Preston St.) all $5 ADV/$7 DOOR (18+) and ticket price gets you a cassette single (and download coupon) of all new music from the groups playing that night! get Advance tickets for just 5 bucks at Guestroom Records (1806 Frankfort ave) or a Summer Pass to all three events for just $12!

Bands:  Black Birds of Paradise, Brick Pitino, Citizens United, The Deloreans, DJ Deuce, eremy•JIrvin, The Gallery Singers, Jaye Jayle, Lydia Burrell, Plastic Bubble, 1200, 2Strikes​

the live Friday events are as follows:

JUNE 27 (Hip Hop Showcase:):   Citizens United, 1200, 2Strikes, DJ Deuce, with special guest opener Basement Up (Lexington & Frankfort)

JULY 4 (Pop Showcase): Plastic Bubble, Black Birds of Paradise, The Deloreans, Brick Pitino

JULY 25 (Blues, Roots, and Acoustic Showcase): Jaye Jayle, Lydia Burrell (with Twin Limb), eremy•JIrvin, The Gallery Singers, with special guest opener Scars on 45 (England)

As you may have noticed, 2 of the events (June 27 & July 25) will have special out-of-town guests who will be opening the showcase (only the Louisville Bands will be featured on the Cassingles). We are very excited to be branching out and including artists from the outside. Basement Up is a Hip Hop collective hailing from Frankfort and Lexington (listen to their new single here) and Scars on 45 is a duo hailing from England and will be featured on WFPK’s Live Lunch the day of our last event on July 27.

Summer Cassingle Series


Louisville is for Lovers (johnking)


Guestroom Records

1806 Frankfort Ave 


New Vintage (Venue)

2126 S Preston St.


Goldsmith Studios (recording services)


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