Team Totoro Invites You To Enjoy Laser Beats

We are excited to announce the immediate release of Team Totoro’s brand new 19 track album LASER BEATS. Team Totoro’s classic ‘Tru Skool’ style Hip-Hop and Breakdance beats has been a mainstay here at Louisville IS For Lovers since our first Valentine’s Day Compilation in 2001. We are releasing Laser Beats for FREE DOWNLOAD (until Jan.1st) in promotion of our New Year’s Eve Party RAPOCALYPSE! with Team Totoro and Citizens United in Louisville KY at Haymarket Whiskey Bar (331 E. Market St) 12/31 8-4am. This event is also FREE.

Download LASER BEATS  for FREE here.

Team Totoro Invites You To Enjoy LASER BEATS poster

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