1. Seluah – milk + honey 2. Maca damien – i feel 3. kilowatthours – gignauseum 4. boundless and starstruck – untitled   5. the gallery singers – moonage daydream (lost cosmonaut version) 6. IAMIS- rock n’ roll suicide 7. IAM my morning gallery singers – blood and tears 8. whistle peak – sailor 9. joe manning – battle hymn of the bank robbers 10. ama and bootsie ann – untitled 11. starkiller and gallery singers – he’s a whore 12. team totoro – rompin’ and stompin’ 13. starkiller – the mary bell 14. the deloreans – untitled 15. the mack w/ teniea sanders – love light

1)recorded at headliners in 2001. originally released on the P.S. I LOVE YOU hidden disc in 100 packages of vol.2 at random 2) originally  released on the P.S. I LOVE YOU hidden disc in 100 packages of vol.4 at random 3) originally released in the P.S. I LOVE YOU hidden disc from vol.3 in 100 random packages 4) originally from the hidden disc from vol.3 5) originally unreleased. recorded in 2008 with IAMIS and Paul B. at logan st. studios and the HQ on main st. 6) originally released as a hidden track on TRAFOZSATSFM 7) recorded with members of IAMIS, my morning jacket, and the gallery singers as a hidden track for LOUISVILLE BABYLON 2007 8.) originally unreleased 9) originally released on the vol.3 hidden disc 10) originally on vol.7 as a hidden track 11) by cheap trick. recorded in late 2001 at dom and rodney’s apt one morning for the vol.2 hidden disc 12) recorded for this release in highview ky. and auburn Al. in 2009 13) originally released on the vol.2 hidden disc 14) originally unreleased 15) originally unreleased. recorded live at the louisville is for lovers 2008 showcase at the pour haus.

  • Team Totoro - “rompin n’ stompin” (ANNIVERSARY)

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