LOUISVILLE IS FOR LOVERS 2009louisville is for lovers 2009

release date February 3rd. volume 9 is by far our largest undertaking in the near decade working on this project. this year’s offering is the longest (nearly 80 min.), and with more artists than ever before.vol.9 has 19 artists/bands playing brand new love songs available no where else.

over half of the bands are making their ‘louisville is for lovers’ debut, such as THE LADYBIRDS, TENIEA SANDERS, and THE FERVOR. and some of our favorite ‘louisville is for lovers’ bands have returned to give us their best, such as BONNIE “PRINCE” BILLY, THE MACK, LUCKY PINEAPPLE, and WHISTLE PEAK. this year’s volume will be released in a hand packaged, numbered, limited edition of 500 CDs, a limited 2LP color pressing of 500 is also available.

track listing:

1. the come hithers-your’e just one

2. black kerouac-cold gold

3. deer meet-take me high

4. the ladybirds-the map of love

5. the cut family foundation-free, who?

6. the sandpaper dolls-pretending to be wise

7. lucky pineapple-altamira

8. the deloreans-la la love

9. pure dirt-is it true?

10. teneia sanders-joan’s song

11. ben & whit-the only time

12. eremy*jirvin-on my own

13. paul mcgee-i never realized

14. bonnie ‘prince’ billy w/cheyenne mize- the girl in me

15. the fervor w/dave cronin-same state

16. whistle peak-elbows and ankles

17. she wears lipstick-sext messages

18. the gallery singers-all that’s left19. the mack-prisoner’s lake

bonus disc information:

due to the enormous amount of great music we received this year, a second full length CD will be added to the first 100 sold. as we have maxed out the time limit of one CD, and still have plenty of great music, we have decided to add this 2nd CD with 50 more minutes of new music to the first 100 CD packages for no extra charge. that’s 2 discs of more than 2 hours (over 30 tracks) of exclusive music for a mere $10. you can’t beat that with a stick.

the music on this bonus disc are all exclusive love songs and is of the same great caliber as the first disc, and if we had the budget, we would have 2 discs in all 500 packages.we would really like to thank all the bands who contributed music this year. we had over 60 artists/bands submit music this time, and it was an incredibly daunting task having to pick only 80 minutes from over 5 hours of music.
second disc track listing:
1. the trophy wives-untitled
2. chemic-ice floor
3. dice bringer-please do not use
4. second story man-who i am
5. hambone-ramblin’ man
6. tamara dearing-i’ll be alright
7. tom curtis-whiskey and blisters
8. natural geographic-we will always be here
9. iamis-a trillion blessings
10-ultra pulverize-membrane lane
11. zavala-super vision
12. murals- thief

2009 liner notes and extended information:

produced, compiled and designed by john king at the hq on main street. engineered and mastered by kevin “the producer” ratterman at the funeral Best Casino App in Canada. all tracks exclusive. all rights reserved by the artists/bands. numbered edition of 500. expert print work by tony benzik. packaging by hand. a vinyl edition will be released under the authority of the “louisville is for lovers” series as a collaboration with karate body records, llc.

for cydde, and for those who help pick up the pieces.

band/song information:

the come hithers are jeff shelton and drew sellers.

black kerouac is keith miller, ric sinclair, derek keijiner. recorded in the original highlands at the black dot.

the ladybirds are max balliet, sarah teeple, jaxon swain, anthony fossaluzza and ben bussell. recorded on a cold wednesday night at nelligan hall.

the cut family foundation is jason cox, matt brewington and matt hendricks. recorded at the mother vein.

lucky pineapple is matt dodds, jc denison, brian sweeney, william benton, susan crocker, david cundiff, dan moore. recorded in borden, ind., (written in germantown).

the deloreans song was recorded at downtown recording and in an apartment in deer park.

pure dirt is jacob weaver, brandon lawrence and rob monsma.

teneia sanders played her song with hambone.ben & whit is ben aristada, whit talbot and jon osborne.

eremy•jirvin is jeremy irvin. and produced by david boston.

the sandpaper dolls are suki anderson, rebecca dennison and amber estes.

paul mcgee recorded his song with the troubadours of divine bliss and paul oldham.

bonnie “prince” billy played his song with cheyenne mize.

the fervor is natalie felker, ben felker, michael campbell and mat herron, with special guests david cronin, cheyenne mize and james vaughn. recorded by kevin ratterman.

she wears lipstick’s song was played by crabtree for allie.

whistle peak is david boston, billy petot, jeremy irvin and tim stratman.

the gallery singers’ song was written in the bed we used to share, recorded in the house that used to be our Best Casino App in Canada, as the final thought of you.

the mack is jeff shelton, peter townsend, drew sellers and teneia sanders.

-hold your babies close, and your hope even closer.

she wears lipstick – “sext messages” (vol.9)

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2009 poster blue/blue 

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