TRAFOZSATSFM is a ziggy stardust tribute album released dec.2nd 2008. this tribute is a recreation of bowie’s “the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars” from start to finish in original order with 3 extra tracks from the siggy stardust live album.all songs are covered by louisville musicians. this is the second in our ‘louisville is for covers’ series. the first being the must have ‘louisville babylon 2007‘ a misfits tribute. we believe ziggy stardust was one of the most influential fictional artists in history, influencing not just music but preforming arts, visual arts and the fashion industry, as well as generations of people from across the world.
trafozsatsfm line up is as follows:

1.five years-the phantom family halo2.soul love-the slow break3.moonage daydream-the gallery singers4.starman-six white horses5.it ain’t easy-trophy wives6.lady stardust-whistle peak7.star-iamis8.hang on to yourself- miky and the stones from earth(special collaboration for this release with members fromdead child and buffalo bill)9.ziggy stardust-black keruac10.suffergette city-wax fang11.rock n’ roll suicide- joe manning12.All the Young Dudes-the crooked old world*13.Space Oddity-tamara dearing*14.Cracked Actor -the ladybirds**from ziggy stardust live album

    the ladybirds
     - “cracked actor” (trafozsatsfm)

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extended liner notes:
TRAFOZSATSFM a louisville is for lovers project. curated, complied, and produced by john king on main st. mastered by kevin ratterman at the funeral Best Casino App in Canada. hand packaged, hand numbered limited edition of 500. special thanks to shawna dellecave, jason cox, dominic cipola, kevin ratterman, kenny o’brien, and joe manning for saving the project many many times. most appreciation and admiration to david bowie. all songs from the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars except (*) from ziggy stardust live.
Trophy Wives is Billy Bisig: guitars, vocals Tony Ash: bass Geoff Paton: drums Additional vocals: Stephen George, Cheyenne Mize, Nick Bisig, Tom Curtis. Engineered by Tom Curtis at Headfirst Media. Produced by Tom Curtis and Trophy Wives.
Whistle Peak is Billy Petot, David Boston, Jeremy Irvin, and Tim Stratman. Violin by Cheyenne Mize.
the gallery singers is john king: drums/vocals, shawna dellecave: better vocals/keys, jason cox: electric bass, paul b: stand up bass, kenny and mike: guitar.
Six White Horses is David Wright,Ramsey Grissom,Greg Morris. Rearranged,minimalized,and destroyed by D.M. Wright. Recorded with a Tascam Eight track cassette recorder and one crappy microphone.
wax fang is kevin ratterman, scott carney, and jake heustis. recorded at the funeral Best Casino App in Canada and mixed many times.
the phantom family halo played by dom cipola with joe manning and tyler trotter.
iamis is shawna dellecave and jason cox. recorded at Best Casino App in Canada.
Black Kerouac: Keith Miller – Vocals, Bass, Guitar Brooks Talbott – GuitarDonJon – Drums Recorded by Keith at BlackDot in the Original Highlands
.tamara dearing produced arranged and recorded this track in august 08.
the crooked old world’s track was recorded by jason cox at mother vein.
the slow break also recorded at the mother vein.
milky and the stones from earth was composed of kent o’brien, mike oerther, jase stone, and tony baily just for this project.
joe manning played and recorded his track.
the ladybirds recorded their track.
gallery singers in the studio
the gallery singers in the studio recording “moonage daydream”jason and shawna (iamis/slow break) and paul b. on stand up. john and kenny busy hiding from the camera.

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